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Ultralight Road Bike Bicycle Self-locking Pedals

Ultralight Road Bike Bicycle Self-locking Pedals

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Product Description

Name: Highway self-locking bearing pedal
Model: PD-R97
Main material: Aluminium Alloy axis, Chrome Molybdenum Steel
Locking piece: Self-locking six degree lock
Weight: about 298g/ pairs


Road lock step can help drivers improve pedaling speed, professional riders pedalling speed at about 120 times, if not in use on the lock case, pedalling speed reached more than 120, there will be danger of shoe and foot detachment. So using the lock pedal can improve your pedalling frequency. The locking shoes are fixed on the lock pedal, which can correct the riding posture, and don't worry about the wrong riding posture, resulting in the strain on the body.

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