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Classic Ribbed Navy Tank Top

Classic Ribbed Navy Tank Top

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Indulge in unparalleled sophistication with our Classic Ribbed Navy Tank Top, a boxy masterpiece featuring a deep round neckline and wide piping. Meticulously designed and crafted in Poland, this tank top is more than apparel; it's a statement of refined style. Elevate your wardrobe with the epitome of elegance, where each detail is a testament to exquisite taste.

1. Exquisite Ribbed Design:

The Classic Ribbed Navy Tank Top boasts an exquisite ribbed pattern, elevating it beyond the ordinary. Each detail is a nod to sophistication.

2. Deep Round Neckline:

The deep round neckline adds a touch of allure and refinement, framing the collarbone with grace and creating a silhouette that resonates with posh elegance.

3. Wide Piping for Distinctive Appeal:

Wide piping accentuates the boxy structure, providing a distinctive appeal that sets this tank top apart in the realm of refined fashion.

4. Crafted in Poland:

Designed and sewn in Poland, this tank top embodies the artistry and craftsmanship synonymous with European elegance, ensuring a product of exceptional quality.

5. Luxurious Fabric Composition:

Immerse yourself in luxury with a fabric composition of 95% viscose and 5% spandex, creating a harmonious blend of comfort and posh sophistication.

Spandex 5 %
Viscose 95 %
Size Chart:

Size Size UK Size US Chest
S 8 4 84-88 cm
M 10 6 92-96 cm
L 12 8 100-104 cm
XL 14 10 108-112 cm

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