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Dragon Fly Flower Print Black Tee

Dragon Fly Flower Print Black Tee

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Introducing our Dragon Fly Flower Print Black Tee – the perfect blend of cottony comfort and whimsical style. With short sleeves and a round neckline, this tee isn't your ordinary black shirt. Brace yourself for the hilariously awesome Dragon Fly Flower decorative print on the front. Because who said fashion can't be funny?

1. Quirky Decorative Print:

Buckle up for a wild ride with a Dragon Fly Flower print that's here to tickle your funny bone and raise eyebrows.

2. Cottony Comfort:

This tee is like a soft cloud hugging you – 90% cotton and 10% spandex for that perfect stretch without sacrificing comfort.

3. Short Sleeves, Long Laughs:

Short sleeves for a laid-back look, but long-lasting laughs thanks to the whimsical design that refuses to take life too seriously.

4. Round Neckline Magic:

The round neckline adds a touch of casual charm, framing the hilarity in the center – because funny should always be in focus.

Cotton 90 %
Spandex 10 %
Size Chart:

Size Chest
S/M 82-86 cm
L/XL 91-96 cm
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