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Drew Printed Elastic Green Tracksuit

Drew Printed Elastic Green Tracksuit

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The "Drew Printed Elastic Green Tracksuit" is a versatile women's sweatshirt set designed for both style and comfort. This chic ensemble includes a sweatshirt and matching pants, providing a perfect combination of fashion and functionality.

Key Features:

  1. Sweatshirt Comfort: The sweatshirt boasts long sleeves, a hood, and a kangaroo-type pocket on the front. This not only adds a trendy touch to the design but also offers practicality, providing a convenient space for your hands or small essentials.

  2. Flexible Fit: The long pants are equipped with an elastic waistband, ensuring a comfortable and flexible fit. Additionally, slip pockets are incorporated for added convenience, allowing you to carry your essentials while on the go.

  3. Versatile Wear: This tracksuit is a versatile addition to your wardrobe. It's perfect for keeping warm on winter nights, providing an extra layer of coziness. Additionally, it's suitable for various activities, including going to the gym, running, or simply enjoying a leisurely homestay.

Fabric Composition: Made with a thoughtful blend of materials, the Drew Tracksuit is crafted from 70% cotton and 30% polyester. This combination not only ensures a soft and comfortable feel against your skin but also offers durability for long-lasting wear.

Perfect for Every Occasion:

  • Winter Nights: Embrace the warmth and style during chilly evenings.
  • Gym Workouts: Move freely and confidently during your fitness sessions.
  • Running: Stay on the go with the flexible and breathable design.
  • Leisure Homestay: Unwind in comfort and style at home.

Care Instructions: Maintaining the pristine look of your Drew Tracksuit is easy. Simply machine wash with like colors to keep it fresh and ready for your next adventure.

Fashion Tip: The chic green color and trendy prints make this tracksuit a fashion-forward choice. Transition seamlessly from casual outings to active wear, showcasing your unique style effortlessly.

Elevate your wardrobe with the Drew Printed Elastic Green Tracksuit – where fashion meets comfort in every detail.

Cotton 70 %
Polyester 30 %
Size Chart:

Size Lenght Chest Waist
one-size-fits-all 63/92 cm 120 cm 66 cm
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