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The New Hula Hoop

The New Hula Hoop

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Product information:
Product packaging: English packaging
Gross weight of a single product: 1.6KG Size: 32.5*8.5*44cm
The current colors are: Pink, purple

Name: The New Hula Hoop That Will Not Fall Off, Can Be Adjusted
Material: ABS
Applicable scenes: Running sports, fitness equipment, health massage, fitness and body, sports trends, dance sports

  • Not falling hula hoop: also for beginners. Say goodbye to discouraged complaints. This hula hoop for children and adults is very easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Massage on the go: The massage hula hoop has a vibration-reducing massage point that allows you to perform a 360-degree surround massage while rotating the hula hoop. It can make your belly burn fat quickly and double your fat loss effect
  • Adjustable hula hoop: Our hula hoop consists

    18 knots (waist circumference 90 cm), 21 knots (waist circumference 110 cm), 24 knots (waist circumference 130 cm)

  • Self-adjustable training level: The hula hoop has a soft gravity ball. You only have to turn the hula hoop so that the ball slides repeatedly according to the inertia path. Strengthen your body's immunity and keep yourself in a healthy body.
  • Free your hands: you don't have to worry about the hula hoop falling off. With the Hula Hoop, you can effortlessly tighten your stomach, hips, office, race, strengthen your resistance, strengthen your strength and stay in shape and so on, without the annoying urge to fitness.
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