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Scoop Neck Sweater Vest

Scoop Neck Sweater Vest

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Introducing our Scoop Neck Sweater Vest – where basic style meets exceptional comfort. This versatile vest, crafted with meticulous attention to detail, is designed to be a wardrobe staple. Boasting a slightly stretchy feel and composed of 100% polyester, it's the epitome of cozy sophistication.

  1. Basic Style, Elevated: The Scoop Neck Sweater Vest embodies the essence of basic style but takes it a step further. The subtle details and refined design elevate it to a must-have piece in your collection.

  2. Slight Stretch for Effortless Comfort: Experience a touch of stretchiness that ensures the perfect fit without compromising on comfort. This feature makes it ideal for various occasions, whether casual or semi-formal.

  3. Premium Polyester Composition: Immerse yourself in the luxurious feel of 100% polyester. This material not only guarantees durability but also provides a soft and smooth texture against your skin.

Size Chart:

Size Bust (in) Top Length (in)
S 28.35 18.50
M 29.13 18.90
L 29.92 19.29
XL 30.71 19.69
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